Chair Mahmoud al-Ghoul

Chair Mahmoud al-Ghoul

Mahmoud al-Ghul Chair for the Study of the Civilization and Epigraphy of the Arabian Peninsula was established in 1984 at the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University which secured its facilities and administrative supervision. Yarmouk University created a special fund to finance the chair expenditure.

The chair was founded in commemoration of the late Prof. Mahmoud al-Ghul for his knowledge and experience in the Arab and Islamic legacy, Greek and Latin literature, Arab language and literature, Semitic epigraphy particularly South Arabian. Al-Ghul became an international figure in these fields besides his experience in management and planning at many prestigious universities around the world where he was familiar with multiple philosophies of education and its methods and curricula.

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince al Hasan Bin Talal, the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology held a symposium in 1984 in the commemoration of the late Prof. al-Ghul. In 1985 a committee brought together scholars and intellectual figures from abroad in order to follow up the chair works and to publish the papers presented in the symposium. The papers were folded in the book entitled "Arabian Studies in Honour of Mahmoud Ghul: Symposium at Yarmouk University, December 8-11, 1984", Series of the Publications of the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology in cooperation with Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz.

Prof. al-Ghul concerns and help motivated the foundation of the Department of Epigraphy at the institute. His personal library was purchased and with his name it was devoted at the library of Yarmouk University library.


The Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University was established in 1984, as the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, aiming at conducting interdisciplinary researches and promoting public awareness of cultural heritage of Jordan and the Arab World.

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