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Samir Shamma Chair for Islamic Numismatics and Civilization was established at the Institute (later Faculty) of Archaeology and Anthropology in 1985 at Yarmouk University. The sole purpose of the chair is to support research and higher education in the arena of numismatics and Islamic culture. The chair council holds responsibility of planning general policies of research, education, funding and the supervision of the endowment.

With his personal endowment and great generosity, Mr. Shamma founded a building dedicated to host a permanent exhibition for numismatics. Numismatics hall became one of the displays of Museum of Jordanian Heritage, showing one of Shamma's unique collections of Islamic coins. The Yarmouk Journal for Numismatics is another platform of the endowment to disseminate the interest in numismatics studies.

As an outstanding sponsor to Yarmouk University, Mr. Shamma’s endowment granted many scholars and higher education students, in order to develop the studies of numismatics and Islamic civilization history. With his favor Yarmouk University became the first Jordanian academic institution in numismatics studies.


The Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University was established in 1984, as the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, aiming at conducting interdisciplinary researches and promoting public awareness of cultural heritage of Jordan and the Arab World.

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