Newsletter 2023

The Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University issued the thirty-ninth issue of the "Newsletter of the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology", which is an annual newsletter publishing the news of archaeological excavations, studies and activities organized and carried out by the faculty. The editor-in-chief of the newsletter is the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Lamia El-Khouri. 

The issue included a number of articles and news reports written in Arabic and English. The English section of the newsletter included reports on several topics such as “The Classification of Yarmouk University as the Locally First University in the Field of Archaeology According to the Global QS Classification, “Preserving the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jordan within the Framework of UNESCO Agreements” by Prof. Dr. Hani Hayajneh “Preserving Marginalized Archaeological Sites” by Prof. Dr. Ziad Al-Saad, “New Archaeological Discoveries in the Center of the Archaeological City of Umm Qais, the 2022 Season of Excavation” by Prof. Dr. Atef Al-Shayyab, “Finding Irbid by Prof. Dr. Jesse Dizard who is an envoy of the Fulbright Foundation from California State University to the Department of Anthropology, "Excavations and Archaeological Survey of the Tombs of the Qweilba (Abila)" by Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Shorman, "Reconstructing Jamila’s Tomb from the Archaeological Site of Ba'ja" by Dr. Hussein Al-Sababaha, "Preliminary Report of TYRAS Field Season 2022” by Dr. Maher Tarboush and Antti, L.; Lorenze, M; Sababha, H.; Shorman, A., “Cleaning and Restoring the Ancient Temple of Tell Deir Alla” by Dr. Margreet Steiner from Leiden University in the Netherlands, “2011 Season of Excavation at Gadara (Umm Qais) of the Decapolis” by Prof. Dr. Lamia El-Khouri, “Field work training courses "Archaeological Conservation in the Field" and "Archaeology in the Field" in the Summer Semester 2021-2022 by Dr. Hussein Al-Sababaha and Mr. Youssef Al-Zoubi, " Early Bronze Age Tabular Scrapers from Northern Jordan: Khirbet Ez- Zeraqoun Case Study" by Mohammad Jaradat, Khaled Douglas, Mohamad Al-Dairy, and Abdulraouf Mayyas. The issue also included reports on the seminars, workshops, and public lectures organized by the faculty, the news related to the achievements of its faculty members, and the master's theses defended in the last year.  

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The Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University was established in 1984, as the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, aiming at conducting interdisciplinary researches and promoting public awareness of cultural heritage of Jordan and the Arab World.

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