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The Laboratories Unit was established in the Faculty of Archeology and Anthropology in 1999 with the aim of keeping up to date developments in archeology, especially with regard to the application of scientific analysis techniques in the study of cultural heritage. The university’s recognition of the threats that facing Jordan's cultural heritage due to the constant natural and human damage factors, has contributed to establishing the laboratories unit with trained and qualified human resources,to contribute in protecting Jordan's cultural heritage. The laboratories unit is equipped with the latest developed equipment and trained technicians in the fields of restoration of artifacts, analysis of archaeological materials by scientific methods, and the use of modern information systems in the study, protection and development of archaeological sites. The laboratories unit participates in training students and providing technical assistance to local and foreign archaeological teams operating in Jordan.



The Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University was established in 1984, as the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, aiming at conducting interdisciplinary researches and promoting public awareness of cultural heritage of Jordan and the Arab World.

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