Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein

  • King

His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein during the inauguration by his Majesty of the Numismatics Hall as part of the Museum of Jordanian Heritage in 2002

Victor Ayoub

  • Professor

Prof. Dr. Victor Ayoub is a specialist in anthropology. He joined the Department of Anthropology for three years (1989/1990-1991/1992). During his first two years, he was a Fulbright lecturer, while in the third year he was appointed as a lecturer by Yarmouk University. In 1990, Dr. Ayoub donated his personal library to the library of the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Martha Mundy

  • Professor

Professor Martha Mundy holds a PhD in anthropology and specialized in the anthropology of the Arab world. Professor Mundy joined the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology in the mid of the eighties till 1992. Her research concerned on the anthropology of law and the state, and investigated the political and economic transformations in southern Syria (present-day north Jordan) during the late Ottoman period and the oral history of village societies. Prof. Mundy edited two books of the publications series of the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology: Part-Time Farming and Village Forms between Growth and Engineering (1990).