The Laboratories Unit at the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology was founded in 1994, aiming at keeping pace with the developments in archaeology, anthropology, and conservation of cultural resources, especially those related to the application of modern scientific methods to the study of humans and his archaeological remains. The laboratories unit contributes to the training of qualified cadres scientifically and technically to protect the cultural heritage of Jordan and reduce the natural and human hazards threatening it. To achieve this role, the laboratories unit has been provided with the latest scientific equipment and instruments and with qualified human resources in the fields of scientific analysis and conservation of archaeological materials and application of modern information systems for preserving and developing archaeological sites. 

The laboratories unit at the faculty includes several laboratories in the areas of photography, surveying, drawing, analysis of archaeological remains, conservation of archaeological materials, geographic information systems, and distance learning. In addition, there are teaching laboratories in archaeology, physical anthropology, and conservation and restoration. The laboratories unit plays an important role in supporting the research and field projects carried out by the faculty members and students. It provides also technical assistance for local and foreign archaeological missions working in Jordan and contributes to the study and conservation of the excavated archaeological materials.