Faculty News

Yarmouk University Organized a Ceremony in the Honor of Prof. Zeidan Kafafi

Yarmouk University organized a ceremony in the honor of Prof. Dr. Zeidan Kafafi of the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University on the occasion of his achievement of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein Medal for Excellence of the Second Class.

Prof. Kafafi was awarded the medal in recognition of his excellence in documenting the archaeology and history Jordan and promoting the knowledge of its archaeology and cultural heritage.

Prof. Rifaat Faouri, president of Yarmouk University, awarded Prof. Kafafi the University Shield in recognition of his scientific achievements. Prof. Faouri said that the achievement is a pleasure for Yarmouk family especially that the honor came from His Majesty King Abdullah II, and hoped to Prof. Kafafi further progress and success.

The president appreciated the outstanding achievements made by Prof. Kafafi, where he has a distinct presence in various international, regional and local forums in the field of archeology. He praised Kafafi's efforts made for the sake of boosting and maintain Yarmouk in prestigious scientific reputation.

From his part, Prof. Kafafi pointed out that this occasion indicates the interest of the Hashemite leadership in science and scientists.  He  acknowledged Yarmouk support to his research for about 35 years and expressed his gratitude for Yarmouk's honor.

The ceremony was attended by Vice Presidents Prof. Ziad al-Saad, Prof. Abdullah Al-Jarrah and Prof. Ahmad Ajlouni, and deans of the faculties.