What are the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why Do They Matter?

Author: D.N. Freedman and P.F. Kuhlken
I.K. al-Qanaweh (trans.), O. al-Ghul (rev.)
Publisher: Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology 
2009, 9 + 159 pp. 

This book is the first of three translations planned for publication by the Jordanian Dead Sea Scrolls Project, in collaboration with the Publications Office of the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology (see Newsletter 29). It was selected for translation because of the direct and simple answers it provides to questions posed by Kuhlken on the discovery, study and publication of the scrolls.  Many important aspects of the scrolls are discussed and explained such as theological questions about the relationship of the scrolls to Judaism and Christianity, allusions to historical personages and events, the importance of the scrolls to the followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the future of scholarly and scientific studies on the Dead Sea Scrolls. 
In an effort to raise awareness and enhance knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jordan and the Arab World, the book is being distributed free-of-charge to school libraries and educational institutions.  However, it is available for purchase by individual readers at cost price.