Studies In The Dead Sea Scrolls

The proceedings of the Dead Sea Scrolls Seminar held at Jordan University, April 12th 2009 

Edited by: Omar al-Ghul (in Arabic)
Introduced by: Mohammed Adnan al-Bakhit
Publisher: Jordanian Dead Sea Scrolls Committee – Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, The Dead Sea Scrolls Project, Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology – Yarmouk University 
ISBN: 978-9957-474-09-6.

The First Part: the Dead Sea Scrolls Seminar held at Jordan University on April 12th 2009:
-    The Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Judaism – by Mladen Popovic.
-    The Palestine Archaeological Museum and the Dead Sea Scrolls in the War of June 1967 – by Asim al-Barghuthi.
-    The Dead Sea Scrolls Jar – by Zeidan Kafafi.
-    Potential Anthropological Contributions in the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls from a Comparative Perspective – by Muhanna Haddad.
Second Part: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls:
-    Hebrew Bibles, Greek Bibles, Syriac Bibles– by Gill Dorival.
-    Introduction to the Study of Old and New Testament Apocrypha – by Musa Deeb Khouri.
-    The Dead Sea Scrolls: Another Approach – by Afaf Zeyadeh.