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Edward Said Award in Orientalist Discourse

Afaf Zeyadeh, from the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University, wins Edward Said Award in Orientalist Discourse given by Palestine International Institute for her research entitled “Mapping Palestine and the Recantation of Criticism in Holy Land Discourse". The research is part of her M.A. thesis in which she studied "Mapping Palestine and the Politics of Archaeological Research since the 19th Century until the Middle of the 20th Century".

The research reveals that during the second half of the 19th century, the archaeological research in Palestine emerged as a policy of the European involvement in Ottoman affairs. In this context, mapping Palestine became an important task, especially for the British War Office. Claiming to map the Holy Land from Dan to Beersheba, the British Palestine Exploration Fund performed “the first accurate and most extensive map of Palestine”. This map was used in the warfare during the First World War. The Biblical phrasing was the backbone of the colonization scheme using the discourse of the Holy Land to compile the modern map of Palestine with its boundaries and names of places.