The Dead Sea Scrolls

Author: Mahmoud Abidi 
Second revised edition with an introduction by Omar al-Ghul
Publisher: Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology 
2010, 20 + 299 pp.

The first edition of this book appeared in 1967 and was based on Millar Burrows' book of the same title. Abidi was aware that some chapters in Burrows' book were too detailed for the average Arab reader not familiar with questions of Jewish and Christian theology. He therefore decided, apparently after consultation with Burrows, to exclude some chapters of Burrows' book from his translation, and replace them with others. 
In his version, Abidi adds four chapters, one about the "Copper Scroll" in which he provides details of the procedure of "opening" the scroll in Manchester in 1955. In the other three chapters he explains efforts by the Jordanian government to excavate, purchase, and organize the study of the scrolls. A chapter is dedicated to the smuggling of the scrolls to the USA and another to the tour organized for the scrolls in the 1960's, when they were sent to museums in the USA, Canada and Europe. In all four chapters, Abidi supports his exposition with documents that were at his disposal as Deputy Director General of Antiquities in Jordan. 
This second edition has been updated by Omar al-Ghul, Director of the Jordanian Dead Sea Scrolls Project. In a 20-page introduction al-Ghul sums up major developments that have taken place in publishing and studying the Dead Sea Scrolls since the first edition was produced. Almost 100 footnotes, updates, and explanatory notes are given.